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Shepard's Beaked Whale
Scientific Name:
Tasmacetus shepherdi
Family Name:
19-23 feet
2-3 tons
brown/black on top and creamy white underneath
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Shepard's Beaked Whale

Shepard's Beaked Whale Snapshot
Shepard's Beaked Whale Picture Gallery
Shepard's Beaked Whale Description
  Shepherd's beaked whales are seen very rarely and so there is not much information available on what they look like. If you saw one at sea, it would be quite difficult to identify it and you might get it confused with other beaked whales. They have a steep, rounded forehead and a long narrow beak which is quite pointed at the end. Shepherd's beaked whales have sharp teeth in both jaws which is unusual, because other species of beaked whales do not have full sets of teeth. The male has a pair of larger teeth at the tip of the lower jaw which stick out. They are dark brown/black on the top of their bodies with two light stripes going diagonally down their sides. These stripes vary in colour, but the undersides of the whales tend to be creamy white, as do the patches above the flippers. Their flippers are small and so is their dorsal fin. Shepherd's beaked whales have flukes with pointed tips and fairly straight trailing edges. They do not have a notch in the middle of their flukes.  
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