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Pygmy Sperm Whale
Scientific Name:
Kogia breviceps
Family Name:
3.8 m
dark blueish grey to blackish brown on the back with a light venter
cephalopods, deep-sea fishes and shrimps
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Pygmy Sperm Whale

Pygmy Sperm Whale Snapshot
Pygmy Sperm Whale Picture Gallery
Pygmy Sperm Whale Description
  A small, toothed whale; upperparts, top of pectoral fins, and flukes blackish; underparts and upper lip, white; dorsal fin small, situated posterior to the mid-point on back, the tip pointing backwards; pectoral fin short and "spear-shaped"; blowhole an oblique crescent left of midline; mouth small and subterminal; snout blunt; skull short, broad, spongy, and markedly asymmetrical; left naris large, right one degenerate, as in the sperm whale; front part of skull deeply bowl-shaped; teeth small, slender, and widely spaced, 12-16 in each lower jaw; total length 2-4 m. Measurements of one whale: total length, 3.2 m; snout to anterior edge of dorsal fin, 1.7 m; height of dorsal fin, 76 mm; length of pectoral fin, 495 mm. Weight of adults, more than 300 kg.
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