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Perrin's Beaked Whale
Scientific Name:
Mesoplodon perrini
Family Name:
12-13 feet
dark gray back and whitish belly
primarily squid
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Perrin's Beaked Whale

Perrin's Beaked Whale Snapshot
Perrin's Beaked Whale Picture Gallery
Perrin's Beaked Whale Description
  Externally, this species appears very similar to Hector's beaked whale, and in fact, the two were thought to be the same until M. perrini's redescription in 2002. The rostrum is shorter than in any other Mesoplodon, except Hector's and pygmy beaked whales. The large triangular tusks of adult males are situated just behind the tip of the lower jaw.

Apparently, these animals are countershaded, with a dark gray back and whitish belly. Adult males at least have a white patch around the umbilicus, and a mask of dark gray color extending from near the gape to the eye and from there dorsally. The ventral surface of the flukes exhibits white striations.

Only five specimens have been examined, but these indicate that the animals can grow to at least 4.5 m.

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