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Northern Bottlenose Whale
Scientific Name:
Hyperoodon ampullatus
Family Name:
18-30 feet
6 to 8 tons
grey/brown, with a pale underside
Life Span:
30-40 years
mainly squid, but also sea cucumbers, prawns, herrings, starfish and deepsea fish
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Northern Bottlenose Whale

Northern Bottlenose Whale Snapshot
Northern Bottlenose Whale Picture Gallery
Northern Bottlenose Whale Description
  The head is the predominant feature of this species; in females and young, it is rounded but not particularly defined from the beak. In males, however, the front surface is flat and it overhangs the beak, becoming more and more bluff with the onset of old age. The bottle-like beak is moderately long, whilst the dorsal fin has a prominant, pointed peak. There are two teeth on the lower jaw, and sometimes another pair can be found just behind these. The body colour is brown to grey, with the dorsal fin being darker and the melon and face lighter. The skin can appear to have a mottled appearance, and in old males, the facial regions can turn white. Males reach a maximum size of 9.8m, with females measuring about 8.7m in length.  
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