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North Pacific Right Whale
Scientific Name:
Eubalaena japonica
Family Name:
56-60 feet
100 tons
mostly black with irregular white patches on the sides of their belly
Life Span:
Known to exceed 70 years
Planktonic copepods and euphausiids and other zooplankton
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North Pacific Right Whale

North Pacific Right Whale Snapshot
North Pacific Right Whale Picture Gallery
North Pacific Right Whale Description
  They have large pectoral flippers and broad tail flukes, but no dorsal fin. Their head is often covered in white callosities – small, irregular patches of “callused” skin which are covered in harmless “whale lice”. The pattern of callosities is unique to individuals and allows individual identification, which has been very useful in establishing population numbers in the North Atlantic right whale population. Similar to rorqual whales (such as humpbacks and blue whales), right whales have baleen, “horny plates” in place of teeth that are used to sieve out food from the water. However, they do not have the ventral pleats, the expanding “accordion” structure – allowing a rorqual whales to take large mouthfuls of water (and thus more food) and are, therefore, more closely related to the grey and bowhead whales.
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