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North Atlantic Right Whale
Scientific Name:
Eubalaena glacialis
Family Name:
45-55 Feet
100 tons
Dark in color
Life Span:
More than 30 years
Exclusively plankton feeders
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North Atlantic Right Whale

North Atlantic Right Whale Snapshot
North Atlantic Right Whale Picture Gallery
North Atlantic Right Whale Description
  North Atlantic Right Whale is typically uniformly dark in color except for scars, belly patches, parasites and head excrescences or callosities, most of which are light. Callosities are prominent on the rostrum, near blowholes, near eyes, and on the chin and lower lip. These large crusty growths often harbor crustaceans called whale lice, and may therefore appear white, orange, yellow, or pink. Hair can be found on the tips of the chin and upper jaw and is also associated with the callosities. Right whales have no dorsal fin, nor do they have the grooved throat. The flippers are very broad and short.  
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