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Hubb's Beaked Whale
Scientific Name:
Mesoplodon carlhubbsi
Family Name:
16.5ft - 17.5ft
1-1.5 tons
Gray with lighter belly
Squid or octopus and occasionally fish
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Hubb's Beaked Whale

Hubb's Beaked Whale Snapshot
Hubb's Beaked Whale Picture Gallery
Hubb's Beaked Whale Description
  Adult females and the young are medium grey which fades through lighter grey to white on the flanks and undersides. Males are dark grey to black, save for a white region from the rostrum's tip and lower jaw to the back of the teeth, and another around the blowhole. Two prominant teeth erupt from the rear of their lower jaw, but remain concealed in females. The skin may have many scratches from other males' teeth. Both the longest male and the longest female specimens measured 5.32m.  
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