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Ginkgo Toothed Beaked Whale
Scientific Name:
Mesoplodon gingkodens
Family Name:
15ft 6" - 17ft
1.5-2 to tons
dark blue-black, except for a pale grey beak and scattered small whitish spots on the underside


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Ginkgo Toothed Beaked Whale

Ginkgo Toothed Beaked Whale Snapshot
Ginkgo Toothed Beaked Whale Picture Gallery
Ginkgo Toothed Beaked Whale Description
  Ginkgo-toothed beaked whales takes their name because of the shape of the male's teeth. They are very similar to the shape of the Ginkgo tree which is common in Japan, where this whale was first found. These teeth are 10cm wide which makes them the widest teeth in any known beaked whale. Males are dark in colour with white spots and blotches around the belly area. Females are not as dark and have paler bellies. They have narrow upper jaws with a sharp point and their lower jaws are highly arched. Their flippers and fins are small and narrow. Unlike many of the other beaked whales Ginkgo-toothed beaked whales are not usually scarred.  
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