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Gervai's Beaked Whale
Scientific Name:
Mesoplodon europaeus
Family Name:
14-17 feet
1-2 tons
dark grey or marine blue upper bodies,pale grey underneath
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Gervai's Beaked Whale

Gervai's Beaked Whale Snapshot
Gervai's Beaked Whale Picture Gallery
Gervai's Beaked Whale Description
  Like most of the beaked whales, we know very little about Gervais' beaked whales. The best thing to look for when identifying them is their prominent, narrow beak. Males can be identified by a single pair of teeth that are located one-third of the way from the tip of the beak to the corner of the mouth, which are even noticeable when the mouth is closed. The female does not have this tooth eruption. Gervais' beaked whales have dark grey or marine blue upper bodies whilst the pale grey under side is in sharp contrast. In juveniles, the belly is white. There are white blotches on the belly and the males have scars on their skin.  
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