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Dwarf Sperm Whale
Scientific Name:
Kogia sima
Family Name:
2.7 m
272 kg
gray and white countershading
cephalopods, fish and crustaceans
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Dwarf Sperm Whale

Dwarf Sperm Whale Snapshot
Dwarf Sperm Whale Picture Gallery
Dwarf Sperm Whale Description
  The dwarf sperm whale has a porpoise-like form, with the blowhole positioned on the left side of the forehead, and a shark-like mouth posterior to the snout. The skull is asymetrical. The greatest girth of the body is between the dorsal and pectoral fins. The skin is a steel- gray color with a white ventrum. Some individuals have pink or purplish blotches on their venters. The head and body measure 210-270cm. The pectoral fin is 40 cm high, and the expanse of the flukes is 61 cm. The head is 1/6 of the entire length of the animal. The facial part of the skull is the shortest of any cetacean. The large teeth are sharp and curved, and they are present in the lower jaw only. Small non-functional teeth may be present in the upper jaw.  
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