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Common Minke Whale
Scientific Name:
Balaenoptera acutorostrata
Family Name:
25-30 feet
5-10 tons
black, brown, or dark grey on their backs and lighter on the belly
Life Span:
40-50 years
mostly krill, but have been known to eat fish as large as cod and haddock
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Common Minke Whale

Common Minke Whale Snapshot
Common Minke Whale Picture Gallery
Common Minke Whale Description
  The body of the minke whale is slender and strikingly streamlined. The head is narrow and pointed, and a single ridge runs down the centre of the triangular shaped rostrum, beginning in front of the blowholes. This ridge resembles that of the fin whale, except that it is much sharper (hence the name sharp-headed finner).
The dorsal fin is tall and falcate, positioned quite far forward, slightly less that 2/3 of the way back from the tip of the rostrum (as in the sei whale). Normally the fin becomes visible simultaneously with the blow. There are 50-70 thin ventral pleats on the throat and belly, the longest of which end slightly anterior to the navel. The flippers are small and pointed (slightly more than 1/8 the total body length) and may have a conspicuous white diagonal band on the upper surface. The flukes are broad and smoothly concave along the notched rear margin.
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