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Arnoux's Beaked Whale
Scientific Name:
Berardius arnuxii
Family Name:
7-9 Tonnes
Slate grey to brown dorsally and lighter ventrally
Fish, Squid
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Arnoux's Beaked Whale

Arnoux's Beaked Whale Snapshot
Arnoux's Beaked Whale Picture Gallery
Arnoux's Beaked Whale Description
  One hundred and fifty years ago a skull collected from a 9.7m whale stranded in Akaroa Harbour, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand was found to represent a new species of beaked whale. It was given the name Berardius arnuxii by Duvernoy in 1851. Its specific and common names refer to the French surgeon, M. Arnoux, who presented the skull to the Paris Museum of Natural History in 1846. (Unfortunately, Duvernoy made a mistake in the spelling of the species name, omitting the 'o' from Arnoux's name.) Little is known about this whale: nowhere within its range is it considered very well known or common. Unlike its Northern Hemisphere cousin, Baird's Beaked Whale, Arnoux's Beaked Whales are not taken by commercial whaling.  
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