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Whitetip Reef Shark
Scientific Name:
Triaenodon Obesus

Family Name:

5.25 ft.
under 20.4 kg
Dark grey with conspicuous white tips on first dorsal fin and caudal fins.
octopus, lobsters and crabs, bony fishes including eels, squirrelfishes, snappers, damselfishes, parrotfishes, surgeonfishes, and triggerfishes
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Whitetip Reef Shark

Whitetip Reef Shark Snapshot
Whitetip Reef Shark Picture Gallery
Whitetip Reef Shark Description
  This small shark is relatively slender with a broad flattened head. The snout is broadly rounded and eyes are horizontally oval. Along with a down-slanted mouth, the prominent brow ridges give this shark a permanent "disgusted" expression to its face. The first dorsal fin originates well behind the free rear tips of the pectoral fins. The second dorsal fin is large, but smaller than the first dorsal. The pectoral fins are broad and triangular in shape. The anal fin is about as large as the second dorsal fin. There is no interdorsal ridge and lateral keels on the caudal penduncle are lacking.  
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