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Wards Wobbegong
Scientific Name:
Orectolobus wardi
Family Name:
31 "
ocelli-like saddles on the back with few spots and no lines between them
fishes and crustaceans
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Wards Wobbegong

Wards Wobbegong Snapshot
Wards Wobbegong Picture Gallery
Wards Wobbegong Description
  This species has two dermal lobes below and in front of the eyes on each side of head, and nasal barbels that are not branched. Their distinctive color pattern consists of large ocelli-like saddles on the back with few spots and no lines between them. A network of light lines on the body resembles the glitter lines cast on the seafloor by the sun, which undoubtedly serves as effective camouflage for this shallow-water shark.  
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