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Striped Catshark
Scientific Name:
Poroderma africanum
Family Name:
between 60cm and 80cm
Greyish with dark stripes
benthic fish and invertebrates
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Striped Catshark

Striped Catshark Snapshot
Striped Catshark Picture Gallery
Striped Catshark Description
  Catsharks are a family of small sharks that live in cold, deep water, have slit-like pupils, and are primarily night feeders. These ground sharks have an anal fin, 5 gill slits, 2 dorsal fins, no fin spines, the mouth located behind the eyes, and nictitating eyelids. They are oviparous and have purse-shaped eggs with long tendrils that anchor the egg to the ocean floor. Catsharks live in temperate waters and are frequently found along the bottom of tropical reefs poking around crevices looking for food.  
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