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Spiny Dogfish
Scientific Name:
Squalus acanthias
Family Name:
5.9 feet
brown to gray, usually with white spots, and the ventrum is white or cream colored
Life Span:
25 - 100 years
schooling and non-schooling bonyfishes (including sardines, menhaden, herring, smelt, hake, cod, ling, midshipmen, blennies, sand lances, porgies, croakers, sculpins and flatfishes), fish eggs, squids, octopuses, crabs, krill, worms, snails, sea cucumbers, salps, comb jellies and jellyfishes. It also feed on chimeras (also known as ratfish).
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Spiny Dogfish

Spiny Dogfish Snapshot
Spiny Dogfish Picture Gallery
Spiny Dogfish Description
  This species has a spine in front of each dorsal fin and no anal fin. It has a pointed snout and its first dorsal fin originates behind the pectoral fins. Its dorsal color is brown to gray, usually with white spots, and the ventrum is white or cream colored.  
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