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Silvertip Shark
Scientific Name:
Carcharhinus Albimarginatus
Family Name:
6.6-8.2 feet (2-2.5 m)
under 358 pounds (162.2 kg)
dark gray or gray-brown with a bronzy sheen, fading to a white ventral side
tropical fish
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Silvertip Shark

Silvertip Shark Snapshot
Silvertip Shark Picture Gallery
Silvertip Shark Description
  The streamlined Silvertip Shark is one of the most beautiful of all sharks. Silvertips are similar in appearance to Grey Reef Sharks, having a clean tapered body and typical shark contours, but their pectoral fins have bright silver tips as does the trailing edge of the tail. The Grey Reef Shark has dark pectoral tips and rear tail edge. The Silvertip is grey with a bronzy sheen becoming lighter as it blends into a pure white belly. The tips of the dorsal fins are always white; confusingly this is sometimes the case with the Grey Reef Shark, too.

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