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Shortspine Spurdog
Scientific Name:
Squalus mitsukurii
Family Name:
24 - 30"
fishes, squids, and crustaceans.
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Shortspine Spurdog

Shortspine Spurdog Snapshot
Shortspine Spurdog Picture Gallery
Shortspine Spurdog Description
  The dorsal fins of this species have two spines (the first dorsal spine is much shorter than the fin base). The first dorsal spine origin is in front of the pectoral fin rear tips. The first dorsal fin is relatively low, being 2/3 as high as it is long. The falcate pectoral fins have a rounded rear tip and somewhat concave rear margins. The overall color is gray, with the ventral surface being paler than the rest of the body. There are no white spots on the side of the body. The upper portion of the dorsal fin is darker. The eyes are green.  
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