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Shortnose Spurdog
Scientific Name:
Squalus megalops
Family Name:
28 "
gray to dark brown
bony fishes (including snake eels, conger eels, scorpionfishes, lanternfishes, and star-eaters). It also eats cephalopods, crustaceans and other elasmobranchs
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Shortnose Spurdog

Shortnose Spurdog Snapshot
Shortnose Spurdog Picture Gallery
Shortnose Spurdog Description
  The dorsal fins of this species have two spines that are rather short (the length of the first dorsal spine is much shorter than the first dorsal base length). The pectoral fins are falcate and have an angular rear tip and somewhat concave rear margins. The midpoint of the pelvic fin bases is closer to the first dorsal fin base than the second dorsal fin. The overall color is gray to dark brown, with the ventral surface being paler than the rest of the body. There are no white spots on the side of the body. Young individuals have black tipped dorsal fins. The rear margins are also white.  
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