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Prickly Dogfish
Scientific Name:
Echinorhinus cookei
Family Name:
2 m
70 kg
small sharks and squid
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Prickly Dogfish

Prickly Dogfish Snapshot
Prickly Dogfish Picture Gallery
Prickly Dogfish Description
  The prickly shark is a slow-moving, harmless, bramble shark. All over its body are thorny dermal denticles, giving this shark its name. The prickly shark grows to be about 13 ft (4 m) long. Is skin is grayish brown with black edgings on its fins and white around the mouth and under the head. The prickly shark has a short, stocky body, a spiracle behind each eye (but in front of the five gill slits), two spineless dorsal fins and no anal fins. Very little is known about this rarely seen, but common shark.  
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