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Ornate Wobbegong
Scientific Name:
Orectolobus ornatus
Family Name:
Up to 9.5 ft (3 m)
golden-brown with broad dark areas, and blueish-grey spots above. It is pale below.
fish, lobsters, octopuses and cuttlefish
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Ornate Wobbegong

Ornate Wobbegong Snapshot
Ornate Wobbegong Picture Gallery
Ornate Wobbegong Description
  The Wobbegong and the Carpet Sharks have much in common and are sometimes confused. But like the Carpet Sharks the Wobbegong seem to spread themselves on the ocean floor like a carpet, and like a carpet, too, they are patterned for camouflage. The Ornate Wobbegong is an elegant shark with a flattened body having dermal lobes on the side of the head and overall conspicuous dark, broad saddles that are dotted with light spots and corrugated edges interspaced with lighter areas having dark light-centered spots. Both the first and second dorsal fins, of about equal size, are positioned far back on the body. The mouth is in front of the eyes behind which are well-developed spiracles, and there are nasal barbells to help these bottom feeders find food.
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