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Mexican Bullhead
Scientific Name:
Heterodontus mexicanus
Family Name:
2.3 feet
crabs and benthic bony fishes
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Mexican Bullhead

Mexican Bullhead Snapshot
Mexican Bullhead Picture Gallery
Mexican Bullhead Description
  It can be distinguished from the horn shark (Heterodontus francisci) by the low supraorbital ridges, a first dorsal that originates over the pectoral base and large spots that are larger than half of eye length, although some specimens have no spots and a subtle bar between the supraorbital ridges. The Cortez bullhead shark (Heterodontus sp.) is known from the Sea of Cortez and has moderately high supraorbital ridges, with the height of the eye being equal to the distance between the top of the eye and the top of the surpaorbital ridge. The ridges are less squared off posteriorly and longer anteriorly than in H. francisci The snout is longer than H. francisci and the dorsal fins higher and more falcate than in H. francisci and H. mexicanus. The dorsum and lateral surface of the Cortez bullhead shark is brown and without spots, their is no pale line between the supraorbital ridges and the ventrum is lighter in color. This species is also found in the Sea of Cortez to Peru.  
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