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Graceful Shark

Scientific Name:

Carcharhinus Amblyrhynchoides

Family Name:
140 cm

Color:Grey or grey-brown on dorsal surface, white or cream below, with a conspicuous band of white on sides from pelvic fins to first dorsal fin; pectoral, dorsal and pelvic fins, and ventral lobe of caudal fin black or dusky-tipped, sometimes inconspicuously.

Feeds mostly on fishes, though diet can include crustaceans and cephalopods as well.
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Graceful Shark

Graceful Shark Snapshot
Graceful Shark Picture Gallery
Graceful Shark Description
  Medium-sized grey shark with a moderate wedge-shaped, short snout. Eyes are fairly large. Large gill slits. Pectoral fins falcate and moderately large, with pointed or rounded apex. First dorsal fin broadly triangular with a very short free rear end. Origin over or slightly behind posterior to the insertion (end) of pectoral fins. Second dorsal fin relatively large and high. No interdorsal ridge present.
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