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Crested Bullhead Shark
Scientific Name:
Heterodontus galeatus
Family Name:
1.2 - 1.5 m
grey to brown with large dark blotches
sea urchins (which are a major component of their diet), crustaceans, molluscs and small fishes
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Crested Bullhead Shark

Crested Bullhead Shark Snapshot
Crested Bullhead Shark Picture Gallery
Crested Bullhead Shark Description
  The Crested Bullhead Shark has a blunt head with a prominent ridge above both eyes. It has two tall dorsal fins that are each preceded by a stout spine.

This species is grey to brown with large dark blotches. It resembles the Port Jackson Shark, which has a harness-like pattern and lower ridges above the eyes.

The Crested Bullhead Shark grows to 1.5m in length.

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