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Cookie Cutter Shark
Scientific Name:
Isistius brasiliensis
Family Name:
Cookie-cutter Shark
up to about 50cm

plugs of flesh from larger animals and squid.

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Cookie Cutter Shark

Cookie Cutter Shark Snapshot
Cookie Cutter Shark Picture Gallery
Cookie Cutter Shark Description
  A small, slender, cigar-shaped shark with two very small spineless, roughly subequal dorsal fins set posteriorly and close together; no anal fin; ventral lobe of caudal fin noticeably well-developed and almost subequal to dorsal lobe. Low keels on caudal peduncle. Snout short, bulbous and broadly conical; eyes fairly large; spiracles prominent. Lips fleshy and expanded; lower-jaw teeth conspicuously large, triangular-cusped, in 25 to 31 rows; upper teeth small. Gill-slits very small. Pectoral fins small. Colour dark brown or dark tan dorsally, lighter ventrally; a distinctive collar of darker pigment encircling the anterior body at the level of the gills. Posterior margins of all fins lighter and rather transluscent.
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