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Caribbeam Sharpnose Shark
Scientific Name:
Rhizoprionodon porosus
Family Name:

43 inches (110 cm)

Under 16 Pnds
brown or grayish-brown in color, fading to a white underside
Small bony fishes, including wrasses, as well as marine invertebrates such as snails, squid, and shrimp
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Caribbeam Sharpnose Shark

Caribbeam Sharpnose Shark Snapshot
Caribbeam Sharpnose Shark Picture Gallery
Caribbeam Sharpnose Shark Description
  The Caribbean sharpnose shark has a slender fusiform body and long snout. The long labial furrows are present around the corners of the mouth. The first dorsal fin is typically over or just behind the free tips of the pectoral fins; the origin of the second dorsal fin is either just over the anal fin midbase to over the rear quarter of its base. The anterior margin of the pectoral fins is usually a bit longer than the first dorsal length from origin to free rear tip. The origin of the anal fin is anterior to the second dorsal fin origin. The margin of the anal fin is either straight or slightly concave.
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