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Brownbanded Bamboo Shark
Scientific Name:
Chiloscyllium punctatum
Family Name:
light brown
crustaceans, ploychaete worms and small benthic fishes
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Brownbanded Bamboo Shark

Brownbanded Bamboo Shark Snapshot
Brownbanded Bamboo Shark Picture Gallery
Brownbanded Bamboo Shark Description
  These sharks live around coral reefs and tidepools. Interestingly, it can survive out of water for up to 12 hours. The cat shark family contains many species, usually distinguished by their different markings of stripes, bars, etc. Interestingly enough, the best known of the cat shark family is the dogfishes (which form a part of the catshark family). On the internet, brownbanded bamboo cat sharks are for sale, and it is clear that some people might attempt to keep them in their own aquariums. Bamboo sharks are egg-layers, with the eggs enclosed in elongated flattened egg-cases. In captivity, hatching can take up to four months.
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