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Blacktail Reef Shark Shark
Scientific Name:
Carcharhinus wheeleri
Family Name:
between 130 and 150cm
up to 74 pounds
Grey upper body, white ventral surface
Life Span:
20-25 years
small fishes, octopi and squid
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Blacktail Reef Shark Shark

Blacktail Reef Shark Shark Snapshot
Blacktail Reef Shark Shark Picture Gallery
Blacktail Reef Shark Shark Description
  A rather small shark (under 1.6m) with conspicuous, black-marked fin tips. Snout rather short and rounded with prominent nasal flaps; eyes oval; no interdorsal ridge; 1st dorsal fin medium-sized (height 8 - 11.4% of TL) with its origin above or just posterior to the inner corner of the pectoral fins; 2nd dorsal moderately large with a short rear tip, anal fin of similar size and positioned directly below. Upper teeth rather narrow, generally oblique, with serrated margins and enlarged serrae and cusplets at the bases. Colour light grey-brown dorsally, fading to white ventrally; darker horizontal band invading the white flanks. Tip of 1st dorsal and lower caudal fin marked with conspicuous black blotches, surrounded into the fin interior with white; other fins with less marked black or dark apexes; trailing edge of caudal fin often clearly lined in black.  
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