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Blacknose Shark
Scientific Name:
Carcharhinus acronotus
Family Name:
4.1 - 4.6 feet
22 pounds
gray to greenish gray with black or dusky tips
Life Span:
4.5 - 16 years
small fishes including pinfish, croakers, porgies, anchovies, spiny boxfishes, and porcupine fish. It is also known to feed on octopus
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Blacknose Shark

Blacknose Shark Snapshot
Blacknose Shark Picture Gallery
Blacknose Shark Description
  Blacknose sharks are a relatively small species of shark. The color on their back and sides ranges from gray to gray-green to brown, and because of this coloration blacknose sharks are often confused with lemon sharks. There is a distinctive dark spot on the tip of the snout, though it tends to fade with age. The second dorsal fin and tail fin have dark tips.
They have the elongate, sleek bodies common of the requiem family of sharks. Both the first dorsal fin and the pectoral fins are small, and the upper lobe of the tail fin is longer than the lower lobe. The snout is long and the gill slits are short.
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