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Rays Species

Rays are a type of flattened fish and are closely related to sharks. Rays are a result of the evolutional cycle of sharks. Rays are social animals that live all over the world in oceans, and even are found in some channels where fresh water flows into the ocean. Rays often come together in huge groups of up to thousands of individuals, but other rays live alone.

Like the shark Rays are also Invertebrates with no bones.Their skeleton is made of cartilage, which is a tough, fibrous substance, not nearly as hard as bone.

Common Name Scienctific Name
Spotted Eagle Ray Aetobatus Narinari
Southern Stingray Dasyatis Americana
Smooth Stingray Dasyatis Brevicaudata
Bluespotted Maskray Dasyatis Kuhlii
Bluntnose Stingray Dasyatis Say
Oman Masked Ray Dasyatis Sp.
Bulls-eye Electric Ray Diplobatus Ommata
Shorttailed Electric Ray Hypnos Monopterygium
Manta Ray Manta Birostris
Bentfin Devil Ray Mobula Thurstoni
Lesser Electric Ray Narcine Brasiliensis
Cortez Electric Ray Narcine Entemedor
Feathertail Stingray Pastinachus Sephen
Thornback Ray Platyrhinoidis Triseriata
Giant Shovelnose Ray Rhinobatos Typus
Pacific Cownose Ray Rhinoptera Steindachneri
Bluespotted Ribbontail Ray Taeniura Lymma
Marbled Ribbontail Ray Taeniura Meyeni
Blackspotted Torpedo Ray Torpedo Fuscomaculata
Marbled Torpedo Ray Torpedo Marmorata
Atlantic Torpedo Ray Torpedo Nobiliana
Panther Torpedo Ray Torpedo Panthera
Spotted Torpedo Ray Torpedo Sinuspersici
Ocellated Torpedo Ray Torpedo Sp.1
Caribbean Torpedo Ray Torpedo Sp.2
Striped Stingaree Trygonoptera Ovalis
Sparesly-spotted Stingaree Trygonoptera Paucimaculatus
Kapala Stingaree Trygonoptera Sp.
Common Stingaree Trygonoptera Testacea
Eastern Fiddler Ray Trygonorrhina Sp.
Bullseye Stingray Urobatis Concentricus
Round Stingray Urobatis Halleri
Yellow Stingray Urobatis Jamaicensis
Cortez Round Stingray Urobatis Maculatus
Porcupine Ray Urogymnus Africanus
Sepia Stingaree Urolophus Aurantiacus
Banded Stingaree Urolophus Cruciatus
Spotted Stingaree Urolophus Gigas


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