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Spectacled Porpoise
Scientific Name:
Phocoena dioptrica
Family Name:
4ft 3in - 7ft 3in
130 - 185lb
upper part is blue-black and the underside is bright white
Fish, Squid, Octopus
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Spectacled Porpoise

Spectacled Porpoise Snapshot
Spectacled Porpoise Whale Picture Gallery
Spectacled Porpoise Description
  Spectacled porpoises are so-called because they have distinct black eye patches surrounded by white circles that look a little like glasses. A clear line separates the two colours of the body; the upper part is blue-black and the underside is bright white. They have black lips with one or two stripes going diagonally down towards the flippers which are small, rounded at the tips and near the head. The dorsal fin is large and rounded on male spectacled porpoises, but is smaller and more triangular on females. Their flukes are small with a notch in the middle. Like all porpoises, their teeth are 'spade shaped' - whereas dolphins' teeth are conical in shape. On their upper jaw they have 36 to 46 teeth, and on their lower jaw they have 32 to 40. They are one of the largest members of the porpoise family.  
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