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Finless Porpoise
Scientific Name:
Neophocaena phocaenoides
Family Name:
4ft - 6ft 3in
65 - 100lb
Blue-grey skin color, Lighter on the belly
Life Span:
most up to 10 years
Fish, Krill and/or other crustaceans, Squid
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Finless Porpoise

Finless Porpoise Snapshot
Finless Porpoise Whale Picture Gallery
Finless Porpoise Description
  Finless porpoises are one of the smallest cetaceans. They are generally shy, apart from those living in the Yangtze River, China, which are familiar with heavy boat traffic. They are similar to Irrawaddy dolphins save for the fact that they don't have fins. They are pale grey-blue in colour with a small mouth that curves slightly upwards and a slight depression behind the blowhole. They are the only porpoises to have a bulbous melon. Instead of a fin, they have a ridge along their backs which runs from above the flippers to the beginning of their tail stock. This ridge is covered in circular wart-like tubercles or bumps  
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