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White Beaked Dolphin
Scientific Name:
Lagenorhynchus albirostris
Family Name:
8.25 - 9.25ft
about 180 kg
top is mainly black or grey; white stripe on each side; light on the belly
squid, herring, smelt and silver hake, as well as shrimp
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White Beaked Dolphin

White Beaked Dolphin Snapshot
White Beaked Dolphin Picture Gallery
White Beaked Dolphin Description
  Strangely, the white-beaked dolphin may not have a white beak at all - sometimes the beak is even black! In general, those that live in the east of their range tend to have white beaks whilst those of the west Atlantic have darker beaks. This is a large species of dolphin, with a very rounded body, and a tall dorsal fin in the centre of the back. Their beaks are short and thick, and are either all white, or white and black/grey. They have a black or grey back, flippers, and tail, with a white or light grey belly. The best way to spot this species of dolphin is by the white patch on its back, which is just behind the dorsal fin.
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