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Southern Right Whale Dolphin
Scientific Name:
Lissodelphis peronii
Family Name:
7 ft.
150 lbs.
black above and white below
fish and squid
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Southern Right Whale Dolphin

Southern Right Whale Dolphin Snapshot
Southern Right Whale Dolphin Picture Gallery
Southern Right Whale Dolphin Description
  Southern right whale dolphins, along with their Northern Hemisphere counterparts, are the most slender of all cetaceans. The body shape is essentially the same as in the northern right whale dolphin, with a short, well-demarcated snout, small recurved flippers, extremely shallow (top to bottom) tail stock, small flukes with a concave trailing edge, and no hint of a dorsal fin or ridge.

The white coloration of the ventral area extends well up the sides, the sharp line demarcating black above and white below runs from the tail stock forward, dips down to the flipper insertion, and then sweeps back up to cross the melon between the blowhole and snout crease. The flippers are generally white, but the trailing edge has a black band. The flukes are white below, and dark gray, fading to white, on the leading edge.

The mouth is lined with 44-49 sharp, pointed teeth in each row.

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