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Short Beaked Common Dolphin
Scientific Name:
Delphinus delphis
Family Name:
7.5 - 8.5 feet
as much as 297 lb
typical hourglass pattern of white, grey, yellow and black on the side
Life Span:at least 25 years
fish and squid
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Short Beaked Common Dolphin

Short Beaked Common Dolphin Snapshot
Short Beaked Common Dolphin Picture Gallery
Short Beaked Common Dolphin Description
  Common dolphins are colorful, with a complex criss-cross or hourglass color pattern on the side; the long-beaked common dolphin being more muted in color. The back is dark gray-to-black from the top of the head to the tail dipping to a V on the sides below the dorsal fin. The flanks are light gray behind the dorsal fin and yellowish-tan forward of the dorsal fin, forming an hourglass pattern. Its belly is white. There are large dark circles around the eyes connected by a dark line that runs across the head behind the beak and a black stripe runs from the jaw to the flippers. When looking at the profile of the two common dolphin species, the short-beaked common dolphin has a more rounded melon that meets the beak at a sharp angle, as compared to the long-beaked common dolphin that has a flatter melon that meets the beak at a more gradual angle.  
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