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Pygmy Killer Whale
Scientific Name:
Feresa attenuata
Family Name:
2.1 and 2.6 m
110-170 kg
black with white patches around mouth and on chest and abdomen
Fish, Squid, Octopus, Sealions, Seals, Other marine mammals
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Pygmy Killer Whale

Pygmy Killer Whale Snapshot
Pygmy Killer Whale Picture Gallery
Pygmy Killer Whale Description
  Pygmy killer whales are about the same size as many dolphins, and have robust bodies, with a dark 'cape' along their back. They have slightly paler blue- black, or brownish grey sides, and a large white patch on their belly which is split in half by a deep groove. Sometimes the body is scarred - perhaps because of struggles with large prey such as dolphins, or with other pygmy killer whales. They have very rounded foreheads without a beak,, and some animals may have a white chin under their lower lip. The dorsal fin is tall and slightly pointed, and the flippers are long with rounded tips. The upper jaw has between 16 and 24 sharply pointed teeth, and the lower jaw has between 20 and 26.  
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