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Pantropical Spotted Dolphin
Scientific Name:
Stenella attenuata
Family Name:
at most 8 feet
200 to 255 pounds
blackish back, grayish sides, and white underparts
Life Span:
Approximately 45 years.

fish, squid and crustaceans

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Pantropical Spotted Dolphin

Pantropical Spotted Dolphin Snapshot
Pantropical Spotted Dolphin Picture Gallery
Pantropical Spotted Dolphin Description
  This dolphin has a slender yet robust body with a long narrow beak. On the upper side, there is a dark grey dorsal cape with all dorsal fin, and on some animals there is a distinct band of mid-grey along each side from melon to tail. The undersides are pale grey with dark spots. Light spots cover the darker areas of the body. There is a dark band between the lower jaw and the flippers, which are also dark grey in colour. The lips are white, and the dark grey of the upper jaw extends to the eye. There is an average of 40 pairs of teeth per jaw. Pantropical Spotted Dolphins measure between 1.7-2.4m in length, and weigh between 90-115kg.  
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