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Pacific White Sided Dolphin
Scientific Name:
Lagenorhynchus obliquidens
Family Name:
85-150 kg
Two colors on fin and flippers, Pale grey streak on both sides, Dark upper-side (top), White underside, White "armpits", Tall dorsal fin, Black patch around eye
Life Span:
Approximately 45 years
Fish, Squid, Octopus
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Pacific White Sided Dolphin

Pacific White Sided Dolphin Snapshot
Pacific White Sided Dolphin Picture Gallery
Pacific White Sided Dolphin Description
  The Pacific white-sided dolphin has a robust body, with a tall dorsal fin and flippers that are dark at the front, and fade to pale grey on the rear. The patterns on each animal tend to vary, but all have a black or grey back, and a thin light grey strip along both sides, which runs from the head and widens into a patch on the rear flank, by the tail. They also have a pale grey patch on each side above their flippers, and a white belly. Their beak is extremely small and black, and they have 42-64 teeth on both their upper and lower jaws.  
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