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Long Beaked Common Dolphin
Scientific Name:
Delphinus capensis
Family Name:
5 1/2 - 8 ft
155-245 lb
Life Span:
at least 25 years

fish and cephalopods

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Long Beaked Common Dolphin

Long Beaked Common Dolphin Snapshot
Long Beaked Common Dolphin Picture Gallery
Long Beaked Common Dolphin Description
  This species of dolphin was only given its latin name 'delphinus capensis' in 1994, when the short beaked dolphins were split up from them. The long beaked common dolphin has less contrast between the dark, white and yellow parts of its body.
Differences include a slightly longer body, males 2m - 2.6m, females 1.9m - 2.3m and at birth 70cm+. They are also thinner to, with a less rounded head. Also, they have a thicker, dark line between the beak and the flipper. The most obvious difference is that of the beak size. They mainly live in coastal regions, and eat small fish and cephalopods.
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