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Indo Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin
Scientific Name:
Tursiops aduncus
Family Name:
about 2.7 m
230 kg
back is colored dark-gray and belly is white
fish and squid
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Indo Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin

Indo Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin Snapshot
Indo Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin Picture Gallery
Indo Pacific Bottlenose Dolphin Description
  Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins look very similar to common bottlenose dolphins, with a relatively robust body, moderate-length beak, and tall falcate dorsal fin. However, they tend to be somewhat more slender than common bottlenose dolphins, and the beak is relatively longer and more slender.

Coloration (although variable) tends to be somewhat lighter than in most common bottlenose dolphins. The cape is generally more distinct, and there is often a light spinal blaze extending to below the dorsal fin. The most distinctive feature is generally the presence of prominent black spots or flecks on the bellies of adults of this species (these are very rarely present on common bottlenose dolphins). However, not all Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins necessarily have ventral spotting.

The teeth number 23-29 in each upper and lower jaw. They are a bit more slender than those of common bottlenose dolphins.

Although maximum size is geographically variable, Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins grow to lengths of only about 2.7 m and 230 kg. Length at birth is about 85-112 cm.

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