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Heavisides Dolphin
Scientific Name:
Cephalorhynchus heavisidii
Family Name:
5ft 3in - 5ft 9in
90 - 165 lb
light grey into bluish-black with white underneath
Fish and maybe squid
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Heavisides Dolphin

Heavisides Dolphin Snapshot
Heavisides Dolphin Picture Gallery
Heavisides Dolphin Description
  Not much is known about these dolphins other than what they look like. Heaviside's dolphins are small, compact, and robust dolphins. They have a prominent, triangular dorsal fin with a broad base, and small flippers with blunt tips. The front half of their body is a light grey color, which then sweeps into a dark bluish black in their tail half. These dolphins have brilliant white undersides which curve up into finger shaped lobes which point towards their tails. They also have brilliant white armpits just above their flippers! Their heads are unusually cone-shaped, and they have flattened foreheads with no distinct beak.  
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