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Fraser's Dolphin
Scientific Name:
Lagenodelphis hosei
Family Name:
6 ½ - 8 ½ ft
350-460 lb
body is bluish gray on the back and white on the belly
fish and squid
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Fraser's Dolphin

Fraser's Dolphin Snapshot
Fraser's Dolphin Picture Gallery
Fraser's Dolphin Description
  Fraser's dolphin calves are born with dull coloration, but as they mature into adult animals they develop a more striking appearance. The adult dolphins have blue-grey upper sides, and are creamy white or pink on their belly and throat. Some of them, especially the males, have a vivid dark black lateral body stripe; the width and intensity of the stripe is thought to increase with age. They also have a dark blue/ grey line (or lines) running from their beak to their flippers.
These dolphins have small pointed flippers and a small dorsal fin in relation to their body size. They have a well-defined but short beak
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