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Blue Dolphin or Striped Dolphin
Scientific Name:
Stenella coeruleoalba
Family Name:
6-8 ¼ ft
200-300 lb
dark back, bluish-grey sides, off-white underside, three stipes behind each eye (two to the flippers, one running across body to after) bluish-grey stripe from sides towards dorsal fin
fish and squid
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Blue Dolphin or Striped Dolphin

Blue Dolphin or Striped Dolphin Snapshot
Blue Dolphin or Striped Dolphin Picture Gallery
Blue Dolphin or Striped Dolphin Description
  The striped dolphin has slender body and a long, dark beak. The head is narrow. The forehead and melon is smoothly sloping and there is a distinct crease separating the forehead from the beak. The dorsal fin is falcate. The flippers are small and slender with pointed tips.
The striped dolphin is boldly patterned in bluish grey and white, although under certain light conditions, it may appear brown and white. Some individuals may have pink undersides. A lateral stripe and spinal blaze are characteristic, and distinguish the striped dolphin from other white-bellied oceanic dolphins, but these markings vary significantly between individuals and probably geographically. There are one or two dark bands between the flipper and the eye, and a dark streak behind the eye. There is often a black patch around the eye. There may be a pale grey finger-shaped marking below the dorsal fin. The sides are pale grey. Tail flukes are small and pale grey.

The mouth contains many small teeth - 39 to 53 in the upper and 39 to 55 in the lower rows.

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