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Atlantic White Sided Dolphin
Scientific Name:
Lagenorhynchus acutus
Family Name:
2.25-2.5 m
165 kg
black on the back, with dark grey flanks and a long white oval blaze below the
dorsal fin.
squid, herring, smelt and silver hake, as well as shrimp
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Atlantic White Sided Dolphin

Atlantic White Sided Dolphin Snapshot
Atlantic White Sided Dolphin Picture Gallery
Atlantic White Sided Dolphin Description
  The Atlantic White-Sided Dolphin is a robust animal with a sharply-pointed dorsal fin and flippers. The skin colour is quite characteristic: the dorsal surface, including the upper jaw, flippers and flukes, is black, with the lower jaw and undersides are white as far back as the middle of the tail stock. The sides are grey, which travels down to cover the rest of the tail stock, apart from two distinct patches. One is brilliant white, starting below the dorsal fin and ending at the tail stock, where the second patch appears. This one is yellow-tan in colour. Each jaw has 30-40 pairs of teeth, and maximum body length is between 2.5 and 2.8m.  
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