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Atlantic Spotted Dolphin
Scientific Name:
Stenella frontalis
Family Name:
5ft 9in and 7ft 6in
220-310 lb
dark purple or grey with light spots and white bellies with dark spots. Along the sides they have a wide grey stripe.
fish and squid
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Atlantic Spotted Dolphin

Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Snapshot
Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Picture Gallery
Atlantic Spotted Dolphin Description
  The Atlantic spotted dolphin looks very similar to the pantropical spotted dolphin. The Atlantic Spotted dolphin tends to be more robust, with more spots and darker skin. As the dolphins get older, they develop more spots. Atlantic spotted dolphins have dark purple/grey capes with light spots, and white undersides with dark spots. Along each side they have a wide grey stripe. Their beaks are quite long and thick with white tips and white "lips". There is a light grey stripe running from the eye to the flipper which is curved with a pointed tip. Atlantic spotted dolphins have between 32 and 42 teeth in each row of the upper jaw and between 30 and 40 teeth in each row of the lower jaw. There are coastal and offshore groups and these can be quite different to each other. The offshore form tends to be smaller than the coastal and has fewer spots  
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