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Atlantic Humpback Dolphin
Scientific Name:
Sousa teuszii
Family Name:
6ft 6in - 8ft 3in
220 - 330 lb
mid to dark grey, with lighter speck
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Atlantic Humpback Dolphin

Atlantic Humpback Dolphin Snapshot
Atlantic Humpback Dolphin Picture Gallery
Atlantic Humpback Dolphin Description
  Atlantic humpback dolphins look very similar to Indo-Pacific humpback dolphins, though the areas that they live in (their ranges of water) do not overlap. They can also be confused with bottlenose dolphins, though they have an elongated hump in the middle of their backs, and small dorsal fins. This hump can be up to at least one third of the dolphins body length, and grows when the dolphin becomes adult.
An adults body color can be mid to dark grey (sometimes speckled), with a paler colored belly- young dolphins tend to be darker in color. The dorsal fin may be small, curved or triangular in shape and may lighten with age. The flukes have a distinctive middle notch with concave trailing edges.
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