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HOME >> WATER SPECIES >> Corals and Anemones
 Corals and Anemones Species


Common Name: Scientific Name:
Pineapple Coral
Montastrea cavernosa
Staghorn Coral
Oxycirrhites typus
Brain Coral
Diploria strigosa
Torch Coral
Caulastrea furcata
Star Coral
Galaxea fascicularis
Cup Coral
Turbinaria reniformis
Sun Coral
Tubastrea aurea
Bubble Coral
Plerogyra sinuosa
Clubbed Finger Coral
Porites porites
Flowerpot Coral
Goniopora lobata
Sea Whip
Muricea muricata
Sea Fan
Goregonian flabellum
Red Cauliflower Coral
Dendronephthya rubeola
Sea Mat
Zoanthus pulchellus
Club-tipped Anemone
Corynactis californica
Carpet Anemone
Stoichactis gigas
Purple Base Anemone
Heteractis magnifica
Green Anemone
Anthopleura xanthogrammica
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