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Solomon Island Tree Boa
Scientific Name:
Candoia bibroni australis
Family Name:
Male Solomon Island Tree Boas grow to be about two to three feet while females are usually four to five feet in length.
Solomon Island Tree Boas vary in color from pink, gold, chocolate brown, or black. Some have gray-green, pink, or even red blotches.
Compatibility with Humans:
Relatively Non-Aggressive
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Solomon Island Tree Boa

Solomon Island Tree Boa Snapshot
Solomon Island Tree Boa Picture Gallery
Solomon Island Tree Boa Description
  The Solomon Island Tree Boa is one of the smaller boas and is extremely beautiful and captive bred specimens are very docile with sweet, friendly personalities. They have triangular, flat heads and often are described as having a venomous or prehistoric appearance. Their scales are keeled. They are found in the Pacific Solomon Island archipilago, where they live in trees and will occasionally come to the ground. They generally live in forests near rivers, but will stray close to human dwellings as long as they can find many rodents on which to subsist.  
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