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Solomon Island Ground Boa
Scientific Name:
Candoia carinata paulsoni
Family Name:
Solomon Island Ground Boas can grow to be 2 to 6 feet in length, and females get much larger than males.
They have thick scales, which may retain dirt but after shedding are extremely impressive due to their light coloration- some may even be pure white. Usually Solomon Island Ground Boas are pink or orange tinted, even red. These boas also change color slightly according to season, humidity levels, cage mates, or health.
Compatibility with Humans:
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Solomon Island Ground Boa

Solomon Island Ground Boa Snapshot
Solomon Island Ground Boa Picture Gallery
Solomon Island Ground Boa Description
  The Solomon Island Ground Boa is one of the most beautiful and exotic snakes available and is often described as "prehistoric" looking. Captive bred Solomon Island Ground Boas are generally extremely sweet and docile. These snakes make great pets. They are nocturnal, meaning most of their activity is at night. The solomon Island Ground Boa has a flat head that is triangular with a flat, upturned scale on their noses like Hognose Snakes. All Solomon Island Ground Boas are characterized by a dark zigzag, which runs like a stripe from the snakes's head all the way to its tail.  
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