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Russian Sand Boa
Scientific Name:
Eryx miliaris
Family Name:
By maturity, male Russian Sand Boas usually grow to a length of about 18 inches, and females are often 24 inches long.
Available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, Russian Sand Boas are quite beautiful. Some have base colors of orange or gray, although most are tan. There is often a pattern of darker colored blotches present, and these are often various shades of brown, reddish, green, or black. Sometimes, lighter colored or orange patches are seen between the darker blotches. Many times, these darker spots fuse as they approach the tail. This creates stripes along the tails of certain Russian Sand Boas.
often eat small lizards or small rodents.
Compatibility with Humans:
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Russian Sand Boa

Russian Sand Boa Snapshot
Russian Sand Boa Picture Gallery
Russian Sand Boa Description
  The Russian Sand Boa is less striking in color than many boa constrictors. Because of their size and easy care requirements, they can make good pets for beginners or experienced snake keepers alike. They are often fairly docile and many eat readily. Although they can be aggressive at feeding time, they are known to be quite tame during handling and rarely bite out of fear. In the wild, they live in hot, sandy areas. During the day, they shelter, while in the evening, they come out to hunt. They kill their prey by constriction.  
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